Um, hello? McNuggets are NOT that good, lady!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ok. First things first.

Weigh-in: 168.6

I gained .6 of a lb?? REALLY?? Ugh. I'll work harder this week. Now on to important things!

Thanks to The Bitchy Waiter, I came across the following video. In it, the woman tries to order McNuggets before 10:30am and McD's isn't having it. Hot Cakes or nothing, ma'am. Check it out! (Heads up: there's no sound...make up your own dialogue!)

Now, Ms. Dushane of Toledo, Ohio? Was it really that serious? You couldn't go find something to do until it was time for McNuggets? Do you feel good about causing that scene at McDonald's over some chicken? I mean, I love chicken as much as the next person but let's be serious...chicken should not be the cause of jail time.



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