100 Day Weight Loss Challenge: Days 1 & 2

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So, I didn't work out yesterday. Forgot my sneakers. Way to start it off, right? Ha.

Even so, I did well staying within my 1200 calorie limit. I didn't even cheat with serious junk food. (Pop Chips do not taste good enough to be considered serious junk food. Plus, they're only 100 calories! For a bag!)

Based on what I've eaten yesterday and today, I know I'm going to have to tweak the following:
   • I’m going to have to give up carbs in the evening
   • I’m going to have to find marinades with little to no sugar.
   • I’m going to have to have my last meal by 8pm

Other than that, I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking to the calorie count for Day 1, ‘cause I was seriously craving a bag of the Fiery Buffalo Doritios (they are so good!). I had to force myself to pass by Duane Reade. I could taste them.

So far, so good.

I got up and cooked breakfast this morning and bought a cucumber and an orange. The orange for snacking. I got the cucumber to munch on when I just want something to eat, as I have the tendency to want to eat without being hungry just so I have something to do. Blah.

As of right now I’m in no danger of exceeding my calorie limit. Sweet. Now, tonight, I just need to maintain and gear up for Hip Hop Cardio, a dvd with the lovely Sarita Lou!


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