Netflix Queue: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh, Aaron Sorkin, write a show just for me! Write a show for me where the dialogue is quick and witty. Where my leading man will be the Spencer Tracy to my Katherine Hepburn. Write me the part of a strong female character–clever, intelligent, classy. *sigh* Write me a role like the one you created for Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson. Give me my Matther Perry or Bradley Whitfield.

I promise you, I’d knock it out the park.

I wish this show would have been picked up for more than one season. It’s fantastic. Really smart. I could gush about this show all day. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitfield are fantastic as the executive producers to the late night show, Studio 60, each giving wonderfully layered performances. Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet are equally brilliant in their roles as star of the show and president of the network, respectively. Backed up by a strong cast including D.L. Hughley (I love him in this show. This show only. Normally I hate him.) and Steven Weber, this whole show is a treat. A pure treat.


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