Netflix Queue: He’s Just Not That Into You

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who knew Justin Long was HOT??

That's all I can say about this movie. Oh, wait...that's not true. I have something to say to the following people:

• Scarlett Johnanssen
• Kevin Connelly
• Bradley Cooper
• Jennifer Connelly
• Drew Barrymore
• Jennifer Aniston
• Ben Affleck

You ALL have more than enough money. Stop making crap movies just to get a paycheck. I’m not delivering this message to Justin long and Jennifer Goodwin because they were the highlights of this movie (although I hated, hated, hated Jennifer Goodwin’s character in the beginning. Hated her!)

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt—it’s pretty impossible to base a movie on a self-help book. That’s why you DON’T DO IT. Instead of realizing that, they went forth and made a movie with a bunch of unlikeable characters, each beating their heads against a brick wall for 90 minutes until they discover that the object of their affection is JUST NOT INTO THEM.

I watched this movie several days ago and I’m still left cranky from it. This book, while not exactly introducing a brand new idea (the message is pretty basic), still manages to slap you in the face with a dose of reality. The movie? It makes you watch people, ridiculously pathetic people (yes, I’ll take my phone into yoga just in case he calls during my sun salutation; yes, it’s okay if I sleep with this married man because he might be the one, never mind the fact that if he cheats on her then he very well may cheat on me) struggle to figure it out for two hours. The message gets old after the first 30 minutes.

A complete waste of two hours. Ugh. Ooh…except for Justin Long. Ooh baby, ooh baby, ooh. (In this movie ONLY.)


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